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Payment policy

Payment Policy
*Shore Excursions Travelers:
- Shore excursions travelers do not have to pay any down payment. Full payment will be received at the conclusion of the tour

Individual travellers:
Reservations should be made as early as possible to book the desired holiday, Space will be secured upon receive a deposit of 10% or 20% and in some cases if you choose package that including just tours we can accept payment upon arrival ..

Deposits can be madeby bank transfer or you may send via Western Union

To secure your payment you must initially notify the company with your request .Then the company representative will discuss & finalize with you the final arrangement & send you the details in the final confirmation. You must confirm these details and make the correct deposit/payment, as discussed in your details; to the company account by wire transfer


Bic Code : CIBEEGCXO26

Name of  Bank : CIB

Branch : luxor – Egypt

Adress of Bank : Khaled abn el waleed luxor

Account Owner Name : Ayman youssef  boghdady

Account Number : 2602060127   egyption  pound 

  Account number    :2600906396  u$   dollar

Address : Luxor abdel hameed el omda television street

Please Transfer The Money to Below Name :

swift Code/bic : araiegcxxxx

Name of  Bank : arab african international bank

Branch : luxor – Egypt

Adress of Bank : end of Khaled abn el waleed luxor

Account Owner Name : Ayman Yousef Co.

Account Number :

556650 3931 001  egyption  pound

  Account number :

556650 3931 001   u$   dollar